What We Need to Pay Attention to When Cooperating with Manufactures for Silicone Products

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What Purchasers Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing Manufacturers for Silicone Products


Time of Establishment

As we all know the manufacturers with a long history have rich production experience, whose quality is guaranteed and trustworthy. If a manufacturer established recently, its production experience and technology might not be perfect, even it might be a shell corporation. When purchasing silicone products, we need to pay attention to this detail!

Pay Attention to the Qualifications of the Manufacturers

It is an important step. The production qualification is essential for quality assurance. Otherwise, the manufacturer can be unsafe and unqualified. A qualified manufacturer is owning relevant requirements for quality assurance, which is the detail that we must pay attention to when purchasing silicone products!

Delivery Speed

Delivery speed directly affects the performance of production and sales. High-quality manufacturers own sound production equipment and capabilities, which guarantee the delivery frequency and speed. If you want to has long-term cooperation with a manufacturer, the speed of delivery is an important detail that we need to pay attention to when purchasing silicone products.

In conclusion: To ensure the successful completion of custom-built silicone products and save time & money when purchasing.

Above all, investigate how the silicone product manufacturer is, such as the company’s history & strength, scale & quality of production line, the delivery speed, and quality certificates, etc.

Meanwhile, you must have an understanding of the production process. At the same time, your requirement should be clear; don’t confuse silicone products and plastic products.

Finally, you also need to judge the quality of silicone products when examining cargo, which can be judged by its appearance, the hand feels, elasticity, hardness, tear strength, tensile strength, fixed tensile stress, fatigue resistance, and wear resistance, etc.


What We Need to Pay Attention to When Cooperating with Manufactures for Silicone Products

Silicone products have become one of the critical daily necessities in our lives. As a purchaser or consumer, it is necessary to master knowledge to avoid detours when purchasing silicone products.

So, What We Need to Pay Attention to When Cooperating with Manufactures for Silicone Products?

  1. First of all, the purchase requirements must be precise – mainly about the purpose, usage environment, and relevant attributes of silicone products. If the manufacturer does not confirm the most basic information, it is possible to manufacture silicone products with ordinary standards. Because only knowing these, can we choose the appropriate silicone material and adopt a reasonable production process.
  2. It is necessary to clearly distinguish plastic products and silicone products, which is difficult for non-professionals. In this case, the manufacturers should inform purchasers of the details, analyze whether the products that purchaser want are silicone products; if not, tell purchasers what advantages and disadvantages of silicone material.
  3. Furthermore, it is necessary to understand the production process of silicone products. The customization of silicone products guarantees the uniqueness of customers’ products: develop molds separately, choose suitable materials, print LOGO, and design packaging, to meet the targeted purpose of purchasers. Some customers may doubt the necessity of charging the mold fee from manufacturers, the mold fee should be marked clearly, and the customer should be informed in detail about the relevant processing process so that the customers can truly comprehend and rest assured the transparent customized processing services of the manufacturers for silicone products.

How to Judge the Quality of Silicone Products

  1. Whether the burrs of self-removing wire of products are rough to touch. The size of the clamping line determines the quality of the mold; the quality of mold determines the overall effect of products. So, the self-removing wire is essential!
  2. Observing the vulcanization effect of products. Feeling the uneven hardness and softness of the product, and weak force & harmful effect of stretch and rebound, which are related to the vulcanization time and raw materials of the manufacturers.
  3. Through the color and smell. Whether the color distribution of silicone products is uniform, which depends on the uniformity in the mixing process. The longer the time, the better the color saturation.

4, Raw silicone materials are non-toxic and odorless, but it may give off a little odor during the process of adding vulcanizing agent and high-temperature hydraulic molding. The smell will gradually disappear after the secondary sulfuration and long-term storage. So no scent is typical.

5.The toughness and elasticity of silicone products are perfect, which is not easy to deform due to external forces with a smooth hand feel permanent. The fake silicone products are easy to deform and rough to touch because there is no layer of grease-like substance on the surface of phony silicone.

6, At the same time, we can also distinguish between true and false silicone by burning: fake silicone products emit black smoke and remain black ash after burning; No matter what color the real silicone products is, it emits white smoke and remain white ash after burning.


Why Choose Us

  1. Rich customization experience, designated manufacturers of numerous reputable brands.
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  3. High-quality raw materials, in-depth factory inspection, skip intermediaries.

     4.Owning an R&D team to solve the problems of design and mold development.

  1. Strong production capacity, complete equipment, and sufficient staff, etc., which ensure the completion within the customer’s delivery period.
  2. The silk-screen is used to print pattern. The silk-screen of the design is meticulous without a color difference. The joint line is rather thin, which is not easy to be noticed by our naked eye, and there are no dirt, abrasion, or damage on the whole.
  3. We are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the USA)

We passed LFGB (the abbreviation of “Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuches,” which is the Food, Tobacco Products, Cosmetics and Other Commodities Management Law of Germany)”,

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